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Counter Terrorism & Vip Protection

Intensive Counter Terrorism and VIP Protection Training Who should attend

Sensitive Installation managers

Sergeant at Arms

Facility Managers

Law enforcement Managers

Military Officers

Security Guards

Information security staff

Human resources Managers

Security Managers

Seminar Objectives

To Understand terrorists, how they gather information and their operations

To understand the Israel model of protection methods and techniques

To explore intelligence information and gathering methods

To explore protection plans and counter techniques

Course content

Role of private security in fight against terrorism

Building centre of intelligence and information evaluation

Intelligence gathering methods

Intelligence surveillance and planning

adversaries objectives and modus operandi

Local and international terrorism

Suicidal bombers

Bomb type and detonation methods

Target and risk analysis

Vulnerability assessment

Methods of protection preparedness

Israel protection Methods and concepts

Leadership and management of security staff

VIP protection and operation management

Special event protection

Developing emergency plans

Rescue operations

Loss prevention

Risk analysis

Armed and un-armed protection

Cost: Kshs 145,000

Venue: Blue Post Hotel Thika

Provider: Israel College of Security and Investigation Israel

Duration: 5 Days

Date: 23rd February 2014

Last date of registration: 10th February 2014

Mode of Training: Full time, Part time or Distance learning